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Official SOWGB Multiplayer Tournament Information

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  • SOWGB 2010 Multiplayer Tournament

    Welcome to the the first installment of the SOWGB Multiplayer Tournament.

    So you think you are a good player? Well here's your chance to prove it. Each week we will have a series of MP Games with different battle types, maps, objectives, etc.

    Reply in the posted Game Week topic if you would like to participate in the tournament and we will place your name in the bracket. After the bracket has been filled, we will post the game times and match ups. Game times will be Friday nights at 9PM Eastern (unless the majority prefers a different time)

    If you and your opponent would like to arrange a different date/time for your game, you are more than welcome to. As long as the game has been played by the end of the Game Week.

    Once the game time has been established, everyone will meet in the Lobby at the designated time. The host player will choose the Game type, OOB, set the options, and name the room "Player 1 Name Vs Player 2 Name - Week 1" (of course replacing Player Name with the actual lobby names)

    The first tournament is Beta so any comments/suggestions will be gladly accepted.

    Eventually we would like to have multiple brackets for each week. That way players will have the choice of dates/times and we could accommodate players in different time zones.


    - The host must download and install the OOB and set the MP Game settings according to the rules for the week. If they do not, it will be obvious to the other player and cheating can be reported to NSD.

    - The visiting player (player not hosting) always has first choice of the side they play.

    - The player with the highest score when the time runs out is the winner.

    - The winners will reply with the game results and scores in the weekly topic. The results will be posted and the bracket will be updated.

    - We suggest that both players set their autosave to 1 minute and as soon as the game is over, to go to /work/saved games and rename _autosave.sav to a name like “Norb vs Jim Nov 16.sav. If there is any suspicion of cheating, this can easily be verified using the save game.

    - You may use communication software with the other player (Ventrillo, Team Speak, etc.)

    - Each balanced OOB will have Observer commander slots available. They are basically Corps commanders with low attributes. Anyone may join the games as observers. Observes may also host games for players if they want. If you are an observer, please keep your commander in his starting position and use the camera to observe the battle. Do not move your commander towards the opposing forces.

    - If a player is a no-show, there will be a 10 minute grace period. If 10 minutes have passed and the player has not arrived, if a re-match cannot be arranged, the game is forfeited and the win goes to the player that did show up.

    Good luck and have fun!

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