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Pea Ridge 1862 - True LOS

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  • Pea Ridge 1862 - True LOS

    This mod combines the mods -- Pea Ridge 1862 , Crikey's Pea Ridge Redux and True LOS . Disable these mods in Modifications when playing this mod.

    Unzip and copy to the Mods folder (Unzips with 7zip , free download...)
    Pea Ridge 1862 - True LOS

    This mod establishes Crikey’s map upgrade as the preferable version when considering future Pea Ridge builds, at least as far as I’m concerned. The main feature of this mod is True LOS, presenting realistic battle distances.

    The following mods have been tested and found compatible:
    (This mod is also listed to show the overall priority order in Modifications)

    4K Packed Artillery, Cavalry, et al
    Bugles & Flags (use for toolbar purposes only)
    Pea Ridge 1862 - True LOS
    TC2M SOW Infantry Mod
    TC2M SOW Infantry True LOS (this mod is necessary for the ‘TC2M SOW Infantry Mod’ to function properly by adjusting movement speeds)

    Download the ‘TC2M SOW Infantry True LOS’ mod here:
    Unzip and copy to the Mods folder…

    File Attachment:

    File Name:
    File Size:2 KB

    The ‘ Greatcoats ’ mod can also be used but it must replace the ‘TC2M SOW Infantry Mod’. It also needs an additional mod to function properly – Greatcoats True LOS. This mod will replace TC2M SOW Infantry True LOS.

    Download the ‘Greatcoats True LOS’ mod here:
    Unzip and copy to the Mods folder…

    File Attachment:

    File Name:
    File Size:2 KB

    Crikey’s ‘Pea Ridge Day 2’ map is also available for True LOS sandbox play.

    Don’t let all these mods confuse you, this mod plays fine as a ‘Standalone’, but I suggest at least check it out with B&F activated (I’m hopeless without B&F steering my way).

    Consider this mod as the prelude to a potential SR1 pursuit. With football season approaching I guarantee it’ll be slow. Presently I’m exploring possibilities and am looking into the Pea Ridge OOB for SR1 conversion.

    Bugles & Flags Gettysburg - Toolbar, Flags, Scenarios, and More...
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