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Add Maps to Hosts' Lists

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  • Hosts wishing to add maps to their list of choices when launching GCM battles need to edit the GCM "Maps.csv" file on their machines (players who don't host don't need to worry about this).

    To add maps to your list of those available, follow these steps:
    -In Explorer go to the folder C:\Matrix Games\GCM\Data\GCSVs
    -Find "Maps.csv", right-click and choose "edit"
    -Now you'll see a list of all the maps loaded on your machine. The lines will look like this (example is for GCM Random Map 1385)
    RandomMaps4L_1385,Large RandomMap 1385,32768,RandomMaps4L_1385,0,RandomMap 1385,1,

    In the example above, the fourth delimiter from the right is the one that should be changed. It currently shows "0". Simply change it to "1" to have it appear in your list of available maps when hosting games. So, the modified line would then appear:
    RandomMaps4L_1385,Large RandomMap 1385,32768,RandomMaps4L_1385,1,RandomMap 1385,1,

    Do this for all the maps you want to add (and, conversely, change "1" to "0" for any you'd like to remove from your host's list).

    Don't forget to save your edited Maps.csv file

    Of course, each player in your game must have the maps themselves loaded on his machine to avoid the dreaded "level not found" error. At this writing, all long-standing players should have, at minimum, the following GCM Random maps sets in their systems:

    #1385 - 1409 (the latest)
    #1360 - 1384
    #1335 - 1359

    Most players have many more than these, depending on length of time playing GCM and other factors. But this set of 75 maps provides a good base with lots of variety. Use this same structure to activate non-Random maps and specialty maps e.g., Chickamauga, Manassas, etc. in your host's list.

    That's all there is to it!
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