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Noob advice?

1 week 6 days ago #1 by pag

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  • Noob advice? was created by pag
    New GB player here.  I confess I never paid much  attention to the SoW series, primary because it was RTS wargame which I never cared for, but then a friend who I usually play Combat Mission series  suggested a  video showing off SoW HITS play. I was intrigued by that unique concept and style of play. I tried the demo, then purchased GB, patched  , and stumbled on this website (address should be sticked  at MG)  and here I am. 

    Are there any general suggestions for a complete noob like me? Are there particularly good AARs for a beginner. There does appear to be some interesting mods and scenarios. Thanks

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    1 week 6 days ago #2 by RebBugler

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  • Replied by RebBugler on topic Noob advice?
    Welcome pag

    I'm not a HITS fan, but I can get you started with HITS play until someone more knowledgeable with this style of play addresses your questions.  Here's two ways to get started:

    1) In the Difficulty section in Options, select 'Normal' or easier play, then once in-game key F (Follow Command) to get you in the saddle.  Key F a second time to elevate and rotate the camera while still following the unit selected.  Key F a third time to cancel HITS and return to moving the camera around the battlefield.

    2) Select 'Historical' in Options.  This automatically keeps you 'in the saddle' throughout.

    More difficult Options include HITS and movement of units via couriers.

    Good luck, glad to have you 'in the SOW saddle', or whatever mode of playing you choose.


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