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"Seasoned" Difficulty Level

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  • Not sure where to post this, but here goes. First, some background: A friend and I have been playing SOWG since it came out, and TCM2 before that, and SMG before that, two or three games a week for 20 years. And we always play MP but always coopertively. We use the Peninsular Campaign mod, with the "Glendale_Jackson What If" scenario. We've been playing it on the Normal level, always with the Union side. We only activate 34,000 troops to the Rebels' 67,000.

    We decided to put it on Seasoned difficulty level, which we last did about five years ago. Something went wrong. Before, when our divisions moved out we soon lost sight of other units in our army, without seeing each other's units unless we went down to the tactical level to search for them. Instead, nothing changed--it's as if we were still playing the game on Normal. And yes, we clicked the "apply options" button. Everything seems screwy, much different than when we last played a game on Seasoned. Can anyone tell me what we must be doing wrong?

    My rambling may seem too vague to garner any feedback, but if anyone can decipher what I'm trying to say, would love your input. Thanks!

    "I may have fought on the side that was wrong, but I fought on the right side." John S. Mosby
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