Thanks for the OOB Editor Garnier!!!!

He's on the board and he writes tons of useful tools to make modding that much easier.
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Michael Slaunwhite
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Thanks for the OOB Editor Garnier!!!!

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Hi Garnier.

I just want to thank you for the OOB editor. The reason why I am happy is that I can change the names of the commanders which I have found very helpful in my playing the game.

During normal game play I would have a very hard time trying to remember who was in charge of what, and allot of the names I never heard of before, so trying to keep track who was doing what just confused me to exhustion.

I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to who are in charge, and I have found it somewhat confusing, but now by creating my own OOB's with your editor, I added my family members to the roster which helps out allot when I need to send orders.

I know who is where, and who is in charge of what, and I have found that I am having a blast, and I don't feel so bloody inept when playing the game.

Thanks again Garnier....
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