Scourge of War - Remastered announced

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Little Powell
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by Little Powell »

Some preview shots of the WIP toolbar as well as new units have been posted to the store page.
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by UserT001 »

Norbert, I am so stoked that you guyz are back in action! I wish you the best of luck, and of course I will happy to pay full price for the new versions of your games.

Will the Courier System be re-designed and improved? I always thought that it was a very cool feature, however, I didn't have much success in getting the feature to work correctly.
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by Crikey »

Much better screenshots this time around. :geek:

It's great to get a closer look at the new, denser terrain and improved skies. The extra units are welcome too. Some nice details there.

The maps 'feel' much more alive which is good to see. :shock:

I do worry about the engine's capacity to cope with all these extra unit and terrain sprites, particulalrly in large battles. It would be interesting to hear more about the anticipated performance improvements and increased hardware specs. I appreciate those listed on Steam are just temporary placeholders.

It would also be helpful to hear about any A.I. improvements, such as those in respect of artillery behaviour/sighting.

Of course, I appreciate that this is still a wip so there may be only so much that can be said at his time. 8-)

Looking forward to seeing further updates.
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by cliometrician »

Oh, my, I see the soldiers of Waterloo, I suppose, on the screenshots. I'm afraid I'll only be interested if American Civil War forces are included. I always assumed that would be the case--I suppose I might not have been paying attention. Can someone enlighten me?
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by donnay »

Waterloo, I loved this Game, but found the Control panel very confusing at times. I do hope they update that also include the American Civil War together.
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Re: Scourge of War - Remastered announced

Post by roy64 »

I can't take it anymore, please give us a update.🙏
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