Farnsworth's Gauntlet: Overthinking?

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Farnsworth's Gauntlet: Overthinking?

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My immediate assumption when looking at the gameplay tips for scenario 29 (more enemies spawn with each objective) is to interpret "time management is critical" as "you should start with the furthest objectives from the starting position, since they have the longest capture times, and move backwards from there." Whenever I've tried that though I've had to fight the AI so ard to get them to ignore the nearer objectives on the way ot the last one that that I suspect I may have fallen victim to my frequent tendency of overthinking and dooming myself with excessively elaborate plans. I don't necessarily need help with other strategies (allthough I'm happy to take it) I'd just like to know whether I've gone down a counterproductive rabbit trail or not.


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Re: Farnsworth's Gauntlet: Overthinking?

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Can't help your thinking, but maybe your tactics.

It's been years, but I think I remember my approach. First I opted the three battalions, then attacked the northwestern objective with two battalions, leaving the third behind and approaching the last objective immediately to the northeast. The two battalions move clockwise around the objectives, capturing each, then secure the last one at the end of the loop with the aid of the third battalion.

Of course, there are other tactics that need to happen to be successful...That's where to focus your "thinking". :)
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