Read Me states SDK Folder - Where is it?

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Read Me states SDK Folder - Where is it?

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"4. Now everything should look OK except for the compass. This we leave to the mod community. There are a couple of files that you need to look at to fix this from the SDK folder.
a. sprites.csv - 2nd line, compass, change the scale (column E), the higher the res the bigger this gets, so you'll need to scale it down
b. toolbar.csv - last line, compass, you'll need to fiddle with the loc x and loc y (columns C&D) to get the compass where you want it. These values really mean nothing. I had a very hard time getting the compass to show at all, it was mostly guess work. So just tweak them a little bit at a time until it's where you want. If it disappears, start over. (the original values are 101,72)"

I cannot locate the SDK folder or these two .csv files...

Where are they located in the Steam version?
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