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Mod Les Cent Jours - download link

1 year 7 months ago #61 by DarkRob

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  • RebBugler wrote: Hey Rob

    Thanks for yet another fine presentation, with a blow out Major Victory. Didn't catch it blow by blow but caught various highlights to check out your battle techniques. You definitely make the most of those skirmisher units.

    They're like pesky bees, swat one away and more just come and keep stinging you.

    RebBugler wrote: Something that I had missed before as you set up the Modifications screen. You don't have to rename mods to prioritize. You prioritize by grabbing (left click hold) the name of the mod and moving it up or down.

    Well what do you know. All this time Ive always dealt with mods outside of the game in the actual mods folder. I never knew you could just grab and drag in the modifications screen itself. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks Reb, as always, you're the man.
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