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IMPORTANT FIX! Reinstalling Waterloo and DLC Additions

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  • It's been a year since issues with reinstalling Waterloo and DLC additions were reported to Matrix Games. With a recent post it appears that these issues still have not been addressed by Matrix. So, as promised, I'm re-posting a part of the thread I started concerning and eventually finding a fix for these issues...Willard explained the fix best with this post:

    All -

    Had to do a re-install of Waterloo and ran into the same issue. I have a resolution that I have successfully tested. The issue, for me, had to do with where the required patches are for the Waterloo game on the Matrix Website. The confusion seems to stem from the difference between the base Waterloo game and the Waterloo Collector's edition download/install files.

    I am running Win7 with the base Waterloo game. In order to successfully load a 1.0106 patched game (as indicated on the MP page's version #), I had to do the following:

    #1 - On the Waterloo Base game Matrix download page (, download and install this file first: [PC] Installer v1.00, Jun 08, 2015 (

    #2 - On the Waterloo Collectors edition Matrix download page (, download and install this file second: [PC] Update v1.0.2, Dec 10, 2018 (

    #3 - Finally, return to the Waterloo Base game Matrix download page (, download and install this file last: [PC] Update v1.0.3 Jun 18, 2018

    Don't use the auto installer as it will skip step #2 and only install the file from step #3. From what I can tell, Matrix has the 1.02 file on the Waterloo Collector's edition page and not on the Waterloo base game page.

    Hope this helps!



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